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A Guide to the Delta Force

A Guide to the Delta Force

Delta Force Defined:

The Delta Force is one of the United States’ Tier One counter-terrorism and Special Mission Units. Typically known as Delta, the Delta Force unit is officially referred to by the United States Department of Defense as the Common Applications Group. 
Delta Force is an elite fighting unit under the branch of the Special Operations Units. The unit’s primary tasks revolve around counter-terrorism, national intervention operations and direct action. The unit is extremely versatile and is capable of an assortment of military actions including running covert missions, conducting raids, and rescuing hostages.

The Delta Force is organized through numerous detachment designations:
Unit D is the command and control headquarters
Unit E is responsible for communications, intelligence and administrative support. This branch organizes all matters involving finances, logistics, medical detachments, research and development, technology and electronics
Unit F is the operational Arm of the delta Force
The Medical detachment department distributes medical doctors to various bases around the country to provide medical assistance to soldiers in need

The Operational Support troop is the in-house intelligence arm of Delta.
The aviation squadron transports soldiers to and from operational deployments and training exercises within the unit
The United States Delta Force Court System
As a service member, an individual will typically undergo circumstances that are unique to military service. On one hand, military law is similar to civil law in the manner that applicable legal codes specify any or all punitive recourse with regard to crimes and offenses; military law offers a specific framework for conducting, trying, and sentencing. On the other hand, military law differs from civil law – specifically with regard to matters concerning Delta Force – as such matters are neither standard nor applicable to civilian legislative parameters. As a result, legality specific to military service may be subject to military judicial review, as well as military court-mandated classification and punishment(s).

The United States Delta Force and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Individuals in the service of the United States Military are typically subject to their respective adherence to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ); the UCMJ is considered to be a code of legislative protocol with regard to legal matters applicable to service members – service members may be subject to be tried under military court in lieu of civil court. Those serving in the United States Military do so under the implicit understanding service members may be subject to Military Court hearings in lieu of Civil Court hearings. Matters undertaken under the jurisdiction of the military, such as the United States Delta Force, will be assessed by court officials appointed for the oversight of such matters.