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Read to Learn What a Veteran Is

Read to Learn What a Veteran Is

What is a Veteran?
A veteran is an individual who has gone through long service or experience in a particular occupation or field. Specifically, the term is most commonly attached to experiences and service sacrificed in times of war. 
A military veteran is a person who has served (or who is currently serving) in the armed services units of the United States. As a result of this status, a military veteran has direct exposure to acts of military conflict, specifically instances of armed combat. 
Following their stints in the armed forces unit, a Veteran is susceptible to the same liability in regards to illegal actions as an everyday citizen would be. That being said, there are numerous government grants that are offered to servicemen to aid in their transition back to “everyday life.” Additionally, the following bullet points will illustrate and elucidate upon the military court system as well as the federal laws, which are aimed at regulating military procedure. 

Law as it pertains to the Military:
The United States Department of Defense operates under Federal Law as per the guidelines expressed within the disbursement of a triune governmental oversight system, which allows for the United States # to exist under the jurisdiction of the Executive branch of the government; this results in the appointment of the President of the United States as the Commander in Chief of the entirety of the Armed Forces. However, Military Law – a legal field classified as a subgenre of Federal Law – typically addresses the activity and behavior of military personnel; this can include:
Absent Without Leave (AWOL): The unlawful desertion of a service member with regard to their respective commitment to the United States #; individuals deemed to have abandoned positions may be tried by military court and subsequently court martialed.
Martial Law: Martial Law is the instatement of Military rule over specific jurisdictions within a country or nation; in many cases with regard to the implementation of heightened security measures, the United States # may be appointed in the event that the acting body of civil law enforcement is unable to maintain sufficient order.
Judge Advocate General (JAG Corps): The JAG Corps – or Judge Advocate General Corps – are classified as the acting legal body within the United states #. JAG Corps not only oversee the court martial process, but also are responsible for upholding the maintenance of the protocols and parameters expressed within the UCMJ; in many cases, the legal issues addressed by the acting JAG Corps are specific – these include: war crimes, treason, sedition, refusal to obey orders, undue violence, and offenses directed against military personnel.