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List of Ongoing Military Conflicts

List of Ongoing Military Conflicts

Introduction: List of Ongoing Military Conflicts

No list of ongoing military conflicts is ever complete because new conflicts arise every single day.  The list of ongoing military conflicts provided in this article is provided by B’s Independent Pro-Peace Initiative—a non-profit initiative that provides complete and neutral information on violent conflicts throughout the world.

List of Ongoing Military Conflicts

Afghanistan – Civil war after occupation by western forces
Angola – Secessionist war in Cabinda
Algeria – Civil war in Azerbaijan
Brazil – Criminal insurgency in São Paulo
Burundi – transition following civil war
Cambodia – Recovery after dictatorship
Central African Republic – Political instability
Chad – Rebellion for state control, Sudan is involved
China (Xinjiang) – Independentist claims
China/Taiwan – Independentist claims
Colombia – Civil war between criminal and parliamentary groups
Comoros – Unrest
Congo – Civil war and transition
Côte d’Ivoire – civil war recovery
Cyprus – Turkish military occupation
East Timor – Transition after independence
Eritrea/Ethiopia – Border dispute
Ethiopia (Gambela) – Inter-ethnic dispute
Ethiopia (Ogaden) – Secessionist claims
Ethiopia (Oromia) – Secessionist claims
Fiji Islands – Inter-ethnic dispute
France (Corsica) – Autonomist claims
Gaza strip – Civil war
Georgia (Abkhazia) – Secessionist claims
Georgia (South Ossetia) – Secessionist claims
Guinea – Political violence
Haiti – Political violence after dictator
India – Maoist Naxalite insurgency
India (Assam) – Autonomist claims
India (Punjab) – Independentist claims
India (Tripura) – Rebellion
India and Pakistan – Dispute over Kashmir
Indonesia (Aceh) – Autonomist claims
Indonesia (Moluccas) – Civil war
Indonesia (West Papua) – Secessionist conflict
Indonesia (Sulawesi) – Religious inter-ethnic conflict
Iraq – Civil war after occupation by western forces
Israel-Palestine – West Bank dispute
Kenya – Unrest
Korea – Armistice agreement never followed
Laos – Persecution of the Hmong minority
Lebanon/Israel – Part of the larger Arab-Israeli conflict
Liberia – Transition after civil war
Mexico – Criminal and paramilitary conflicts
Mexico (Chiapas) – Autonomist claims
Moldova (Transnistria) – Secessionist claims
Morocco (Plazas de soberanía) – Dispute over territory
Myanmar – Internal conflict between ethnicities
Nepal – Transition after Maoist insurgency
Niger – Tuareg rebellion involving Mali
Nigeria (Niger delta) – Ethnic rebellion
Northern Ireland – Secessionist guerrilla
Pakistan (Balochistan) – Autonomy claims
Pakistan (Waziristan) – Pro-Taliban insurgency
Peru – Maoist insurgency
Philippines – Maoist insurgency
Philippines (Mindanao) – Secessionist guerrilla
Russian federation (Chechnya) – Independentist war
Rwanda – Transition after civil war
Saudi Arabia – Khawarij insurgency
Senegal (Casamance) – Secessionist guerrilla
Serbia (Kosovo) – Secessionist claims
Sierra Leone – Recovery following civil war
Solomon Islands – Civil war
Somalia – Civil war with Ethiopia
Spain (Basque Country) – Secessionist guerrilla
Sri Lanka – Secessionist war
Sudan (Darfur) – Secessionist war
Sudan (Eastern Front) – Autonomist claims
Sudan (Southern front) – Transition after civil war
Thailand (Southern region) – Secessionist insurgency
Tibet – Military occupation
Turkey/Kurdistan – Secessionist guerrilla
Uganda – Civil war with Southern Sudan
Vietnam (Montagnards) – Persecution of Montagnards
Western Sahara – Dispute over territory
Yemen – Rebellion