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A Guide to the Navy Seals

A Guide to the Navy Seals

Navy Seals Defined:
The Navy Seals is a principal unit of the United States’ Navy. The unit is a special operations force and an acting foundation of the Naval Special Warfare Command as well as the maritime branch of the United States Special Operations Command.
The Navy Seals are an extremely versatile military unit; the unit’s acronym is derived based on the branch’s ability to operate at sea, in the air and on land. That being said, the unit separates itself from other branches due to the soldier’s ability to operate underwater. 
The Navy Seals is organized into the following classifications and configurations:
Naval Special Warfare Group 1: Comprised of SEAL team 1,3,5,7
Naval Special Warfare Group 2: Comprised of SEAL 2,4,8,10
Naval Special Warfare Group 3: Comprised of SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams 1
Naval Special Warfare Group 4: Comprised of Special boat Teams 12,20,22
Naval Special Warfare Group 5: Comprised of SEAL Teams 17,18
The Navy SEALS were formally established in World War II when the US Navy recognized the need for soldiers to coordinate landing breaches and ultimately guide the forces through the rough waters. Similar to other branches of the military, the Navy Seals are governed by Federal law as well as the distinct regulations established by military law.

The United States Navy SEAL Court System
As a service member, an individual will typically undergo circumstances that are unique to military service. On one hand, military law is similar to civil law in the manner that applicable legal codes specify any or all punitive recourse with regard to crimes and offenses; military law offers a specific framework for conducting, trying, and sentencing. On the other hand, military law differs from civil law – specifically with regard to matters concerning Navy SEAL – as such matters are neither standard nor applicable to civilian legislative parameters. As a result, legality specific to military service may be subject to military judicial review, as well as military court-mandated classification and punishment(s).

Navy Seals and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Individuals in the service of the United States Military are typically subject to their respective adherence to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ); the UCMJ is considered to be a code of legislative protocol with regard to legal matters applicable to service members – service members may be subject to be tried under military court in lieu of civil court. Those serving in the United States Military do so under the implicit understanding service members may be subject to Military Court hearings in lieu of Civil Court hearings. Matters undertaken under the jurisdiction of the military, such as the United States Navy SEAL, will be assessed by court officials appointed for the oversight of such matters.